Sai Kung Collection

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For Sale

Remark: $500 = 5 Millions
Hawaii Garden  Area 2535 sq.ft   51.8M 
Pik Uk      Area 2,034 sq.ft      72K
Villa Monticello    Area 4,500 sq.ft   120K
Windsor Castle     Area 3,128 sq.ft      68.8M 
Villa Cove     Net Area 3,275 sq.ft      By Offer
Villa Cove     Net Area 3,987 sq.ft      By Offer
The backyard of Hong Kong - Sai Kung
Sai Kung District covers approximately 136 square kilometers (53 sqm) which include Sai Kung Town, Tseung Kwan O and its New Town and Clear Water Bay, most of the population is in Tseung Kwan O. This page is exclusive all Tseung Kwan O developments. The focusing area is mainly from Hiram's Highway up to Tai Mong Tsai Road and clear water bay road. This part is the stunning zone of Hong Kong's backyard, Listing the luxury house for sale and lease, you may find a huge garden detach house that are rarely in the Sai Kung property market. In some particular duplex, low rise apartments and sea front premises may draw your attention as well.


Villa Pergola     Area 2,200 sq.ft     68M
Portofino   Area 3,339 sq.ft    63M
Hong Hay Villa  Area 2,802 sq.ft  29.8M
The Woods  Net Area 2,068 sq.ft  53M
The Woods   Net Area 2,014 sq.ft  43.5M
The Woods  Net Area 2,238 sq.ft  85M
This page is showing the property nearby the whole clear water road, which from Fei Ngo Shan area to Po Toi O area. The Fei Ngo Shan to Ta Ku Ling San Tsuen area is convenient to Kowloon Bay and the whole Kowloon. Hong Kong University Of Science and Technology to Po Toi O area are convenient to Tseung Kwan O and Island side. This two area home are having their own living style, their detail is waiting for your flat viewing. Your picture house could be found in this area. To rent or To buy your dream house are worth to search in this district. Next page....


For Lease

Serenity Peak    Net Area 2,343 sq.ft    Tender
Hillview Court    Area 3,076 sq.ft    50M
Serenity Peak    Net Area 2,561 sq.ft    Tender
Marina Cove     Area 1,885 sq.ft      46.8M 
Some particular users and investors are more prefer village house, Sai Kung provides many different kinds of village house options, The startup price can be very attractive, size are high efficiency, no management fee, huge balcony and free car park ...etc The size from 700' to 2100', single floor 700' with balcony, duplex apartments shall be from ground to the first floor with garden. The first and second floor with roof duplex. Both area 1400' internal area. Read more...


Ha Yeung New Village   Area 700'   14.8K
Villa Monticello    Area 4,006 sq.ft    60K
Riviera     Area 2,294' sq.ft      55M
Silver Star Villa    Area 1,700 sq.ft    31M
Siu Hang Hau   Area 4,200 sq.ft   Price 70M
La Casa Bella   Area 1,842 sq.ft   Price 95K
Giverny     Area 3,748 sq.ft      58.8M
Silver Fountain Terrace   Area 2,753'   90K
Tai Au Mun Tsuen    Area 2,100'   27.9M
Las Pinadas     Net Area 1,771'  40M 
Green Villa   Net Area 2,194'  65K
Silverstrand Villas  Area 7,000' By Offer
Sai Kung Service Apartment  1,827'  65K