Mid-Level East Collection

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For Sale

Remark : "The Price box $500 = 5 Million"
Fontana Gardens    Area 3,000'   73M
Mount Nicholson       By Offer
Leighton Hill    Area 1,618' sq.ft.    43M
Mount Nicholson       By Offer
Verde Green    Net Area 2,194'    75.16M
King Kwong Mansion  Area 401'     6.8M
Bellevue Court  Net Area 2,257'   57M
Kam Kwong Mansion  Area 425'     9.0M
Mayflower Mansion   Net Area 1,234'   24M
Regent Hill    Net Area 884'     29.2M

For Lease

High Cliff     Area 3,816' sq.ft.   178K  
The Summit    Area 3,250' sq.ft.    170K
High Cliff     Area 3,676' sq.ft.   162K  
The Summit    Area 3,250' sq.ft.    185K
Grand Deco Twr  Area 3301'  By offer
Bowen Verde     Area 1,813' sq.ft.   63K  
Harmony    Net Area 2,094'   205K  
Amber Garden     Area 1,230'    45K
Wang Fung Terrace   Area 1,600'    68K
Serenade    Net Area 1,966' sq.ft.    84.8M
Se-Wan Mansion  Net Area 1,209'  62K
Hecny Court   Area 1,500'    45K
Kennedy Court   Area 1,334'    48K
Wang Fung Terrace   Area 1,600'    58K
Se-Wan Mansion    Area 1,650'     59K
Cliveden Place     Area 2,160'    78K
Cliveden Place   Area 1,895'   57K
Envoy Garden    Net Area 1250'     59K